We source materials sustainably and prioritize recycled and reusable materials.
We use certified local wood with sustainable credentials that has traveled few kms.
We give preference to non-polluting, non-toxic finishes, with bio, ecological characteristics and the absence of synthetic chemicals.


Our cabinets are constructed primarily from wood sourced from responsible, ethically sourced suppliers.
We use high quality wood so it won't sag or swell over time. We avoid using derivatives and agglomerates because we want your cookware to last a lifetime!


Our kitchens are carefully designed and built to last.
We have several years of experience in the industry and a fantastic team that delivers an extra level of quality and finish. We create long lasting kitchens so you can experience the fullness of your home and create memories that will last forever.
A long-lasting kitchen is a sustainable kitchen.

Smart Design

For us, design creativity and sustainability go hand in hand. It is still in the design phase that we can design the incorporation of sustainability and ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint.
We want to improve our environmental performance and that's why we incorporate sustainability into the design process from the outset for continuous innovation.
We provide aesthetic, functional and long-lasting products. We try whenever possible to use recycled materials or materials with good recycling flows.
We are constantly looking for alternative materials as well as improving our production processes on a daily basis to ensure the least amount of waste.

Carbon 0

We want to produce zero carbon emissions so our team works in all aspects of the business to measure, reduce and manage our footprint.
We keep an eye on the supply chain, we promote transparency with suppliers and we partner with companies that also have the fight against climate change as their motto.

Lifetime use

Sturdy and built to stand the test of time, our kitchens are built to last a lifetime, which for us is the best measure of sustainability as they don't need to be replaced.


Our materials have local suppliers so that the distribution chain is as short as possible and does not require long distance transport and journeys.


We reuse and recycle wherever possible, wasting very little of our workshop supplies. The attention to design detail of a recycled design means nothing goes to waste.